campus life

Photo by Paul Siewert on Unsplash

as i mentioned before, i was blessed with the privilege of being on-campus this semester, and it definitely was a ~different~ experience. but, everything happens for a reason, and i honestly could not have imagined my first semester of college going any better than it had gone. despite having to make friends with half-covered faces and strict safety precautions, being on campus during the pandemic opened so many doors that i would’ve never been able to take advantage of had it not been like this. i love the outdoors, and with indoor restrictions, i spent so much time outside and enjoying fresh air. at first, i was bummed about not having a roommate, but i got a double room all to myself (and made a mega-king-sized-bed with both mattresses). the hybrid/online class structure was tricky at the start, but throughout the semester i was able to have guest lectures from people all over the world through platforms like zoom. not to mention the beautiful city my campus resides in was not packed with people, so i was able to take in all the views and enjoy peaceful moments in the what would have been lost in a bustling atmosphere. 

everything looks different because of covid, and college life is no exception to that. make sure that when you’re preparing to go back on campus in the semesters to come, that you follow the safety precautions put in place. the rules are set with a purpose! i did not get covid, nor did i have to spend weeks in isolation or quarantine – and that is only because i followed the rules. don’t forget to bring a thermometer, an array of masks, hand sanitizer, and a bag that is ready to be taken to an isolation dorm if need be. 

the world will return back to normal soon enough, but for now, all we can do is make the most of our situation. remember that through these unique times, you are not alone…. and i wish you all success in your college careers and beyond!! 🙂

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