making money during the pandemic

Photo by Viacheslav Bublyk on Unsplash

who doesn’t want a little extra cash? we have so much spare time, and there are so many opportunities to make money right now! i encourage you to reach out to your college career office to find more opportunities that would suit your preferences. i have seen many openings for jobs, internships, and micro-internships that can be done either in-person or remotely, so be sure to look on platforms like linkedin, handshake, or your college’s career platform for those!

below i am outlining just a few of the many jobs you can pursue, both in-person and online:

in-person: many businesses are in need of employees because of the lack of people wanting to work due to health concerns.

  • local chain corporations (i.e. chain restaurants, clothing stores, etc.)
  • food delivery: do you like driving? companies like doordash and ubereats will pay you to deliver food to people around your community!

online: make some money from the comfort of your own home!

  • virtual tutoring: we all know how hard learning online is…. if you’re particularly good at a certain subject, think about tutoring! with platforms like zoom, google meets, etc. you can help other students understand the content that may have been tricky to grasp from their teacher.
  • etsy: are you crafty? open an etsy shop featuring your products (such as sticker designs, calligraphy, artwork, etc.)

like everything else nowadays, the job market and workplace environment are very different. i urge you to stay safe and follow necessary precautions if working in-person, and i wish you luck in your money-making!

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