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are you feeling: unmotivated? overwhelmed? lonely? all of us are experiencing the learning curves that accompany online school. many of my friends are struggling with finding the enthusiasm they once had for education – and this can be attributed to the lack of social interaction, the zoom environment, or even just the fact that every day feels the same. all of these feelings are very understandable – but you cannot forget that you are in college. this is the time to develop habits that you’ll have for life; the time to fully comprehend material and learn concepts that you will be applying to your jobs for the rest of your life. you have to make sure that you’re keeping good habits to make the most of your time.

for studying: i use an app named flora to help me stay off my phone and keep me focused on the homework i need to be completing. in this app, you set a timer for yourself to stay off of your phone – and when it ends, the screen unlocks and you’ll be able to go on social media, etc. again. it is an awesome way to pace yourself, and make sure you are being productive! i also keep a planner of everything i need to complete, and due dates to make sure i do not miss any assignments.

physical health: your diet and physical health play a huge role in every facet of your life. it is important to eat healthily and get regular exercise. i try to take daily walks around my campus or neighborhood to get me up and moving, and also to experience nature! you can also find plenty of workout videos on youtube (a favorite of college students is chloe ting!)

it is important to establish mental health habits as well! check out my posts on mental health and prayer for some tips on keeping balance in your life, and finding peace. 

don’t forget to give yourself a break! we are living through difficult times, and it is okay to feel sad or frustrated – but it is imperative that we persevere and make the most out of our situations. you got this!!

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