Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

in high school, i made a habit of volunteering at least once a week. although some of the work was challenging or tried my patience, i always left the service site feeling content, grateful, and full of God’s love. don’t we need those feelings now more than ever? plus, there is an abundance of ways to serve in your area, right now!

life has been turned upside down by covid-19, but it is for this exact reason that we should use this opportunity to unite and help our communities. though it is cliche, service is just as rewarding (if not more rewarding) to the person who does it as who receives the benefits of the act. some of these simple acts you can even do from the comfort of your own home!

some really awesome opportunities that i have seen in the past few months include:

  • sewing and donating masks to local organizations (hospitals, care facilities, etc)
    • be sure to call or contact beforehand to ensure that they can and will accept this generous donation!
    • here’s one place to donate masks!
  • grocery shopping for the at-risk population
    • look at local websites, facebook pages, etc. for these initiatives! in my town, there were quite a few different platforms by which college students could go grocery shopping for the elderly population to limit their exposure to the virus.
  • writing cards for those in isolation
    • even a simple note can brighten someone’s day, and make them feel not so lonely. these cards can be sent to anyone who you think might be in need of a smile! 
  • check out your local churches, fire departments, scout troops, etc. to find other ways you can volunteer during the pandemic! 
    • get creative and launch your own initiative to better your community!!
  • here is a link with a few more suggestions of things to do!!

remember, everyone is stressed during these times, so even calling your family members or texting your friends are simple gestures that spread love and joy! 

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