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full disclosure: i have danced in the supermarket and many other public places hundreds of times because i’ve heard a good song. now that that’s out of the way, here is the rest of the post:

i have experienced the healing powers of music for my entire life – i’ve found a thrilling yet comforting home in dancing, singing, and performing. the right song can completely change my mood. with all the chaos in the world, music is a constant that can complement whatever we are feeling at a certain stage of life. during quarantine, i discovered so many new genres and artists that gave me an alternative perspective of the world. one artist, in particular, was billy joel. although i’ve been listening to the piano man’s hits for most of my life with my parents, i only really discovered how great his music was over the past few months.

one of my first childhood memories was when i was on my way to my preschool’s daddy-daughter dance and i remember singing ‘we didn’t start the fire’ (by billy joel) with my dad on the way there. the fast-paced tempo and passion behind the lyrics instantly grabbed my attention – and it is a song that has grown up with me. i’ve learned more and more about the history behind the words of billy joel throughout my education and i have grown to really appreciate the song. no matter what musical phases i went through, i always managed to re-discover this song. to bring this story full-circle, i will close by saying that on my four-hour drive to my freshman move-in day, my mom and i belted billy joel for about half the time we were on the road, and we ended the drive with ‘we didn’t start the fire’. from my earliest childhood memory to the start of my independent adult life, this song has been playing. music is so powerful because songs don’t disappear – you can listen to the same sounds and lyrics for your entire life and have special connections to these sound-waves, like i do with ‘we didn’t start the fire’.

use this time to discover new sounds you like, and let music help you get through these challenging times!! i have made a few playlists to help you get started:

feel good tunes

it’s okay to not be okay

study time!

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