get outdoors!

i was raised in a very outdoorsy family, but as i got older and school got more time-consuming, i found myself interacting with nature less and less. however, when coronavirus began spreading throughout the world, the only thing i really could do for fun was go outside. not only was i able to reconnect with nature, exercise, and clear my head – but i gained an appreciation for how fantastic the outdoors really are. we often get caught up in social media or tv shows, and neglect the beautiful creations and fresh air that we have right outside our doors. 

my go-to outdoor activity was hiking, and this is an activity that quite literally anyone could do. a website that i have found to be very useful for finding nice spots to hike is all trails. this site provides all the details about a certain hike or trail, and most of them also have many pictures, so you can see if it is somewhere you want to go.

want a challenge? check out these different hiking activities to motivate you!

don’t forget a water bottle, your mask, & some snacks! my favorite reusable water bottles are from hydroflask – they are a fantastic investment:  32 oz bottle or 24 oz bottle! snacks are also of most importance, and i recommend trail mix because it is so tasty but also fuels your hike by giving you energy!!

if hiking isn’t really your thing, check out your local parks and outdoor events. my favorite thing to do back home was to go to a local sculpture garden with so many gorgeous pieces! now that i am in the bustling city of washington dc, i love hopping on the metro and walking around the national mall or georgetown area.

even if you just take a walk around the block or take a nap in a hammock in your backyard, the outdoors contain the beautiful works of God, and we, as a society, should appreciate them more!

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