hey! it’s your local pandemic-affected college student here to help you navigate through these stressful times! i am blessed to be on-campus this semester & i am seeing first-hand how COVID-19 is impacting the college community. and my friends, like many of you, are proud members of the at-home ‘zoom university’ class of 2024. 

college is hard, and coronavirus makes it that. much. harder. 

i am creating this blog for students to come de-stress and catch their breath. we are experiencing only the hardcore, laborious aspects of college with essay after essay and exams and assignments, with much less, if at all, of the social aspect.

this blog is your one-stop-shop for screen-less activities, mental health support, and how to make the most of your situation. 

no matter where you are, or who you are – you can take advantage of the activities and resources i will be providing to you throughout this semester. these are covid-19 safe options for students who are concerned about the pandemic, and to help clear your mind from the constant bombardment of the media.

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